Sunday, July 31, 2011

USB Reddit Upvote/Downvote button - Hack a Day

Reddit is an awesome site and this hack makes it that much more awesome. Chris at the new hobbyist made a physical upvote/downvote button to feed his reddit addiction. Check out the write up at for the details.

Hackers Could Open Convicts' Cells In Prisons - Slashdot

Its like a bad prison movie, only in real life. Security researchers have already written three exploits for PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) that control the locks of some top high-security prisons. Personally I don't think we have to worry about inmates running down the streets just yet, but it is something to consider. Check out the link at Slashdot for more details.

Hak5 – Technolust since 2005 Hak5 - Technolust since 2005 » Trust Your Technolust

As this is my first post and information on my blog is a little scarce, I'm going to point you in the direction of a wealth of information.  Hak.5 is my favorite IPTV show. Every week they present tips and tricks, new programs, security information, hacking tutorials, custom hardware such as the infamous WiFi Pineapple (you'll have to check out the show to understand) and anything else interesting to computer enthusiasts everywhere. I highly recommend checking them out.